Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Intels Core-i7-990X Extreme Edition gets thoroughly reviewed

There has been so much fuss about Intel's new Sandy Bridge LGA1155 processors recently that it's easy to forget about Intel's other range of LGA1366 CPUs. Intel actually pitches its X58 chipset and corresponding CPUs as its high-end offerings; theoretically, this means they reside above Sandy Bridge-based processors in the performance tree.
As we've seen, though, LGA1155 CPUs and motherboards are incredibly quick and outrageously overclockable, and can often put their LGA1366 stable mates to shame.

Processors at the top of the range such as the Core i7-970 and Core i7-980X Extreme Edition sport six Hyper-Threaded cores, enabling them to perform better than LGA1155 CPUs in highly multi-threaded applications. It's to this elite group of processors that Intel's new release, the Core i7-990X Extreme Edition, belongs. 

Follow the source link below to see what this beast can really do.

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