Sunday, April 3, 2011

Analyzing early Bulldozer benchmarks

(AMD Bulldozer die)

Enthusiasts and professionals alike have long been curious about Bulldozer's performance. It's been hard to predict how the CPU will perform compared to Intel's Nehalem and Sandy Bridge; Bulldozer's unique shared execution units are a considerable departure from anything else on the market.

Leaked benchmarks courtesy of have shed some light on what we might see when the processor launches. David Kanter of Real World Technologies has compared the Bulldozer results against Magny-Cours performance, but warns that it's unwise to draw conclusions based on engineering samples. There's a dearth of information regarding which compiler options were selected or if AVX was enabled. Finally, there's clockspeed—the Bulldozer ES processors were running at 1.8GHz. AMD has previously indicated that Bulldozer will launch at clockspeeds well above this figure; current Magny-Cours chips top out at 2.3GHz—nearly 30 percent faster. 

Read the full analysis by following the source link below.

via HotHardware

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