Sunday, April 3, 2011

X79: Intels next-gen, high-end consumer chipset

Intel’s much expected consumer version of its Patsburg chipset appears to have been christened and rather than going with the logical move of calling it X68, Intel decided to call its new baby X79. This somehow seems to make sense considering we’ve got the upcoming Z68 chipset coming and presumably in a move to reduce the confusion to a degree, Intel decided to come up with something different that didn’t follow its current nomenclature.
The X79 chipset is still en route for a Q4 launch alongside Intel’s new LGA-2011 Sandy Bridge-E processors where the E stands for Enthusiast according to the leaked roadmap slides that appeared on The slides look legit, although to be frank, we’re quite surprised at some of the features Intel decided to add to its enthusiast consumer platform. One thing is clear if these are the final specs, the X79 chipset is going to be the most expensive consumer chipset to date from Intel.

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