Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Unfused Folding Team - 10 Days Later

We launched 'The Unfused Folding Team' a week ago with a head start of about 90,000 points in total. 10 days later, that number increased to 317,813 points which is roughly 3.5 times more than what we started with. We're also expecting to hit 4,000,000 points by the end of September 2011. And because its for a good cause, we've decided to throw in a second prize! One for the folder with the highest Score, and one for the folder with the highest number of Work Units (WU)! That makes it fair for those that have lower end hardware where higher Work Units doesn't result in a higher score. The prizes will be determined in September and will come from Steam and Electronic Arts, so there's a hint for you ;)
We're making some huge strides thanks to everyone currently folding, and we're looking forward to more folders joining in the coming weeks.

The Unfused Folding Team as of 27 April 2011

My Personal Milestones:
10 000 Points - Done
25 000 Points - Done
50 000 Points - Done
100 000Points - Pending

You should set your own goals, inspire yourself :)
Sincerely Yours,
Andreas Gunkel

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