Thursday, April 28, 2011

ASRock details their new AM3+ Bulldozer motherboards

Motherboard maker ASRock has published a guide to AM3+ motherboards that not only lets slip a few details about AMD's new AM3+ socket, but also the CPUs that will fit in it. One key concern, according to the guide, is the fact that a Socket AM3+ CPU fitted to a Socket AM3 motherboard ‘may not be stable enough to provide reliable computing.’ It seems that while Socket AM3+ processors should be backwards compatible with any Socket AM3 motherboard that has the necessary BIOS update, the reality might not be that simple.
ASRock provides some details on the reasons for this, pointing out that the new CPUs and sockets support a 3.4MHz ‘Serial VID’ rather than the 400KHz frequency currently used. According to ASRock, this provides ‘a faster link between CPU and power controller,' so that AM3+ motherboards 'can support better power management and power saving.

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