Thursday, April 28, 2011

Neowin, Redmond Pie and Ars Technica Facebook Pages taken offline due to bogus complaints

Facebook Pages of several tech news sites have been taken offline by Facebook based on bogus complaints regarding copyright infringement. Ars Technica, Neowin and Redmond Pie have been affected so far.
There is nothing wrong with the content from these websites as far as we, or the respected parties are concerned, these infringement claims don't even originate from valid email addresses but nonetheless have been spreading rapidly. Redmond Pie has had their page taken down, then restored after counter claims 3 times now and as a result had their brand reputation tarnished, and Neowin's page has gone down twice so far. The complaints claim that the brand names of said sites are in trademark violation, which they are not of course but Facebook has failed to confirm the violations and even refused to look at the legal proof of trademark ownership that was sent to them before pulling the plug on the pages. CrunchGear and ZDNet have covered the issue but Facebook is yet to make an official statement. Lets hope Facebook snaps back to its senses before this malicious misunderstanding spreads any further.

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