Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AMD releases the Radeon HD 6990M as the fastest notebook GPU in the world

Here we go again. This time, the fight for the title of the "fastest graphics card in the world" is being fought on notebook grounds. AMD claims their new 6990M is 25% faster than anything else out there, including the GTX580M. Dont get confused though, unlike its desktop counterpart, the 6990M is not a dual-GPU graphics card, but that doesnt mean you cant CrossFire or "Dual-Graphics" them with APUs.
AMDs new mobile contender will be available on the Alienware M18x, Clevo and Eurocomm notebooks in both single and CrossFire configurations soon.

source AMD

Editors Thoughts: Well that marks the end of the line for the Radeon HD 6000M series graphics, NVIDIA are yet to release the GTX 590M for notebook, if they ever decide to release it. However, now starts the wait for Southern Islands and Kepler.

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