Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apple's Upcoming Hardware Refresh to Include Thunderbolt LED Display, Not MacBook

Earlier this week, part numbers for upcoming Apple hardware updates surfaced, with claims that the parts represented new MacBook Air and Mac Pro models. While the MacBook Air part numbers are believed to be legitimate, the claim regarding the "Mac Pro" part numbers was later revised to state that they referred to new Mac mini and MacBook models. 

But even that revised assertion isn't entirely correct, as while the Mac mini numbers are assumed to be correct, the part number ascribed to a new MacBook is in fact for a new Thunderbolt-enabled LED Cinema Display. 

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Andreas' Thoughts:

Rumors about Apple Products are not new, they come and they are there till the final product gets rolled out. Adding Thunderbolt would be the best thing to either bound the customer to apple x86 computers, or to make sure that their own lineup is up to date. I personally would buy one, if I have the rumored 1100€ which are one requirement for this display, because they are of good quality. Still tot expensive :-/

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