Monday, July 4, 2011

Anonymous picks on Apple

The now infamous hacking group Anonymous has claimed that they lightly hacked Apple servers to gain access to a list of admin users and passwords from an Apple survey MySQL site. However they did reassure everyone that this was just something small and that they we're busy focusing their efforts elsewhere. They also mentioned that Apple "could be a target too" for future, larger attacks.
Apple has yet to reply on the matter.

Editors Thoughts: The one thing a mother should warn her kids about in todays world world is "Kids, dont hack other peoples networks, especially networks that belong to multinational, multi-billion, possibly pure evil giant organizations because they have the power to throw you in jail with a blink of an eye, and as a result you'll miss out on your childhood, and grow up joining "internet mafia" groups like Anonymous or LulzSec only to get thrown into jail again and miss out on the rest of your already now miserable life." or something along those lines, because eventually, lead by lead, these people are going to get caught, and be given 50 year jail sentences...

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