Monday, July 4, 2011

AMDs Bulldozer FX pitched against Intels Core i7-990X

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Czech based website PCTuning has recently published an AMD 990FX chipset review in which they test SLI performance using 2 GTX 580's. Nice, but the really interesting bit is that they used an engineering sample Bulldozer FX CPU for the testing, and they've also compared that with none other than Intels current flagship, the Core i7 990X (although its based on last-gen architecture, its still the fastest they've got). As a result, although not very accurate, they've given us an estimate of how Bulldozer performs against the competition.

Unfortunately, probably due to NDAs, almost no info was shared about the CPUs specifications, so no core count, no cache sizes and no default clock speeds were stated.

source PCTuning

Editors Thoughts: There are several things to keep in mind. Note that the CPU used was not in its final silicon revision, so performance numbers may still differ when the final product is released. Also, the drivers used were in beta, so that isn't final either, Nvidia still have some catching up to do with AMD chipsets. Sadly, Intels Sandy Bridge Extreme processors wont see the light of day till January 2012, so we're yet to see how they will perform against Bulldozer. All that's left to do now is wait, we know that Bulldozer should arrive sometime in August or September of this year.

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