Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Intels next-gen Ivy Bridge processors pitched against Sandy Bridge

The benchmarks just keep coming in these days, we cant complain they're great! Yesterday, we saw how AMD's Bulldozer FX performed against the Core i7-990X, today, the spotlight is on Intels upcoming Ivy Bridge architecture. The processor in question is a dual-core LGA1155 engineering sample, has 4 threads, a base clock speed of 1.8GHz, features 256KB and 4MB of L2 and shared L3 cache respectively. See the benchmarks below.

(click to enlarge. credit: TechPowerUp)
source Coolaler

Editors Thoughts: Although its great to have an early glimpse at these yet to be released processors, you should take the results as a grain of salt. The earlier Bulldozer leaks may be a little more accurate since the official launch is very near and AMD probably dont have the time to make major changes, Intels Ivy Bridge is still FAR from release so final results may vary dramatically. 

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