Monday, July 11, 2011

Next-gen Xbox, PlayStation and Wii will all be powered by AMD graphics

With the Wii U already confirmed to be powered by an AMD graphics chip, according to HardOCP sources, they suggest that the next-gen Xbox (720?) and PlayStation 4 will also incorporate Radeon. If this is true then NVIDIA is about to lose their console partnership with Sony and will need to step up their game with console graphics. On the CPU side, IBM is still safe, however sources did mention that that could change too, with a Bulldozer mention.
The Wii U will be available in 2012, as will the PlayStation 4 if rumor proves true, while the next-gen Xbox will make an appearance at E3 2012.

source [H]ardOCP

Editors Thoughts: Its always great when consoles get their well deserved, yet belated hardware upgrades. Bless the day consoles will have their APUs as user accessible and upgradable as their hard drives...

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