Saturday, July 9, 2011

NVIDIA Kepler delayed due to unsatisfactory yields

Kepler, codename for NVIDIAs next generation high-end GPU has been delayed according to the close sources of DigiTimes till 2012, which goes against the companies previous efforts release the new 28nm architecture in late 2011. The reason? Bad production yields and lower performance levels than expected.
TSMC, NVIDIAs partner foundry expected to see full scale 28nm production from its Fab15 plant in 2011 but it seems that they've been facing a growing number of inconsistencies resulting in the delays.
AMDs next-generation graphics cards are also slated for a 1H 2012 release so lets hope TSMC gets the fabrication process perfected by then. Qualcomm will also be relying on them. No pressure TSMC...

via DigiTimes

Editors Thoughts: Lets hope NVIDIA learned from they mistakes, the last time they rushed an architecture out that suffered from the same low yields ended up being tested for its ability to fry eggs...

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