Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rumor: Microsft's next gen console will bring Avatargraphics !! ??

Technology company AMD, who supplied the graphics hardware for the Xbox 360, claims that the next Xbox will be capable of the level of graphical detail seen in James Cameron's movie Avatar.  Even on PC, that kind of technology just isn't here yet, but AMD claims the Xbox 720 will launch with it.
While AMD would not confirm they were actually working on the 360's successor, director of ISV relationships at AMD, Neal Robison, stated that gamers have a lot to excited about.

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Andreas' Thoughts:
I am really longing for the next gen consoles, thus being a PC gamer! The best argument: Finally we will get better graphics for the PC then. I mean many gamecompanies just create their game for Xbox 360 and PS3, do some debugging and sent it to disc. Second step: Add some DX10 or 11 if we are lucky and add some multicore thing and do some debugging because we could patch it up later :-/. If those consoles get DX10(.1/11) it might get a bit easier for porting games from the PC to the consoles and vice versa. I mean the Next gen of wii might get some DX10.1 GPU based chip, so for sure M$ and Sony will try to beat that ;)

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