Saturday, July 16, 2011

Intel might yet get Sandy Bridge-E out this year

A couple of weeks ago VR-Zone that Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processor and Waimea Bay platform had been delayed until January 2012. New information has reached us that suggest that Intel is trying very hard to get the new platform out this year, although this means that the company will axe a lot of platform features.

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Andreas' Thoughts:

Bulldozer bubbles here, Sandy Bridge and Co bubbles there, I am sort of getting tired of it. It is ok that intel is working on their chipsets this time, I mean they dont want to experience another "desaster" like the broken B2 stepping. But overall I want to have no more rumors, I want to hold hard silicon in my hands, especially looking at bulldozer. Having that said, Let me look closer of what is intel planning: 4 Channel IMC? PCIe Gen3, Loads of Ports at the highest chipset possible? Is this their plan to diversify their serversection further? to make the income margin bigger? In my opinion intel plays a bit risky, hoping that their OEMs will follow them like they did in the past(an if not, let bring in some Intel inside). Looking at the replacement of the 1366 Socket, I have to say: Please Intel, dont confuse those richt people further with Extreme Chipset XYZ, give them just the best to satisfy them. Quadchannel IMC is NOT something U gamers need for your games! it wont give ya more and more FPS. Sandy-E(xtreme) is something very skipable for ya! People who do Imageediting and other stuff which require Lots of Horsepower, you will prolly be doing a good deal on the new Intelchips.

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