Saturday, July 2, 2011

What? TUJ is evolving!

TUJ is a little over a year old now, starting with a simple Facebook page we've dedicated ourselves to sharing what matters in the PC tech industry. Since then, we've continued to expand and grow at a steady pace, by launching the main site, launching the mobile site, establishing ourselves on Twitter and other channels. Its been a great opportunity for us, we love what we do and we're always looking for ways to improve, so we've decided to do just that and step up our game.
Starting on Monday, the Journal will go through 3 main changes:

1) Original articles!
Up till recently, TUJ has only been "referring" to news on other websites, so you only got a small extract of the articles and a link to continue reading it elsewhere. That's going to change. Instead, TUJ will start producing original articles based on the original source of the news. Brace yourselves for some unprofessional journalism!

2) The editors scoop
At the end of every article, you'll find a small section entitled "Editors Thoughts", this is where you'll go deep into the unprocessed, uncensored, raw mind of the editor and read their thoughts related to the particular article. We'll usually point out something interesting for you to think about, relate to or share some additional info so keep an eye out for it!

3) Developing stories on Facebook and Twitter
As part of our commitment to publishing the absolute latest in news that matters, we're going to bring you news as we receive it. Facebook and Twitter will be channels where you'll be alerted of hot-off-the-source info before we dig in a little deeper and produce a full article. So watch out for the #developing tag on those channels.

These changes are only the first phase of a completely new strategic direction, let us know what you think or what you'd like to see from TUJ, you might see some of the changes taking effect before Monday, we're just testing them out. Don't forget, we highly appreciate your support, feedback and thank you for bearing with us for the past year. Oh and one more thing, as part of the changes, our domain names will get a little spiced up, but we'll let you know what the new ones are on Monday.

Oh and one more (other) thing, we're always looking for more volunteers, so if you're interested in joining the team, hit us up!

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