Sunday, July 3, 2011

MSI will release the first PCIe 3.0 motherboard

Remember when PCIe 2.0 first made its debut back in 2007? Theoretically doubling its predecessors specifications, which sounded great on paper but practically...well lets just say that the improvements weren't that great. 3 years later, the PCIe 3.0 specification was released, and just recently, MSI announced that their Z68A-GD80 G3 (pictured) will be the first motherboard with the next generation specification which includes a number of technical improvements which you can read about on the PCI-SIG official website. Other than that, the motherboard includes everything you can expect from an LGA1155 motherboard.
According to MSI, the motherboard should be available later this month, info on pricing is still not available.

source HardwareZone

Editors Thoughts: I'm not too sure how much better PCIe 3 will perform over version 2.1 but like many, I've decided not to rely on the numbers they give us. Sure a total bandwidth of 32GB/s sounds nice but I'll wait for the benchmarks first, which we might not see for a while because as far as I know, neither Southern Islands or Kepler have been confirmed to use PCIe 3.

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