Friday, September 30, 2011

Who's ready for Ivy Bridge? Asus sure is.

Asus, in an effort to stay ahead of the times will release 3, THREE PCI-Express 3.0 motherboards that will be available in October. These motherboards, namely the P8Z68-Deluxe/GEN3, the P8Z68-V Pro/GEN3 and the P8Z68-V/GEN3 (phew!) will all be compatible with Intels Ivy Bridge processors that should hit retail in early 2012. The boards, as you might have noticed from their "names" will be based on the Z68 Express Chipset, support USB 3.0 and come with Lucids Virtue Universal MVP graphics switching module. In terms of price, the Deluxe should retail at $310, the V Pro at $250 and the V at $220.
See the table after the break for the complete list of features.

source TechConnect 

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