Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AMD releases Bulldozer FX

Its finally here. AMD releases their highly anticipated, next-gen Bulldozer based processors after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting. While Intel was busy endlessly releasing new variants of their Sandy Bridge processors and teasing us with a little Ivy, AMD was taking their time perfecting the Bulldozer core that should be available at a retail store near you in a few days. The high-end FX-8150 (8-Core, 3.6GHz, $245) will be one of the 3 FX processors available at launch along with the FX-8120 (8-core, 3.1GHz, $205) and the FX-6100 (6-Core, 3.3GHz, $175), all unlocked and easily overclockable.

Editors Thoughts:
The wait is over, and its certain that the all-new Bulldozer architecture is no slouch. Looking at the video above, the FX-8150 goes head to head with some of the competitions most powerful processors. Personally I cant wait to see Bulldozer in a mobile form factor.

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